About Us

Geographe Wines Pty Ltd is the marketing arm set up to promote smaller wineries in the Geographe Wine region of Western Australia, with particular emphasis on wineries along the pristine Capel River.

The company sources fruit from various vineyards along the river but specialises in alternative varietals from Kellivale Estate.

Peter & Anne McDermott and their young family, Rochelle, Kyle, Daniel and Courtney ( and Anne's Mum Betty along with great family friend "Birdy") planted the first of these alternative varieties in 1998. Driven by a vision of "being different" to everyone else when the markets swing - The vision is now reality. "Kellivale Estate" (named after their first born Kelli) was born.

The first three varieties to go into the ground were the Spanish "Tempranillo" and the two Italian cousins in "Nebbiolo" and "Sangiovese". The first vintage was a huge and lucsious "Tempranillo" in 2002. This highly tanic big bold red was huge and would live forever in a bottle - what was it going to do when it grew up?

The softer Italian varieties of "Nebbiolo" and "Sangiovese" followed, the former proving to be a viticultural nightmare with low yields and difficulty in ripening the fruit.

The 2004 Nebbiolo went into the bottle a little green and disappointing to say the least. It was absconded to the back of the shed as a failure. It was subsequently re-discovered in early 2008 and had opened up as a soft and luscious and fruity winner. Alas to say it has been retained by the family. But a terrific lesson was learned in that these varieties need time to mature.

In recent years the alternative invasion of Kellivale continued with substantial plantings of the French "Viognier" along with Grenache and Pinotage. This has been quickly followed by the Spanish white cousin of Tempranillo, "Albarino",  "Malbec" and "Fer" have also found it's way into the vineyard.

More orchard has come out, and the way is being paved for any new and fledgling varieties available. The small winery was established to process about 40 tonnes per annum, this is currently running at about 20 tonne per annum. It is not envisaged to get much larger than this as we strive for the best fruit by developing lower yields and more intense fruit characters of some wonderful world renowned varieties, now being grown on the Capel River specifically,  but in the Geographe Wine generally.

Capel is truly the gateway to Margaret River.

The family philosophy has always been plant "alternative and different" and this will never change.